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Stock Researcher - Minnesota 100

(Guest post and Stock Researcher tool by Soren Peterson)


Type the stock ticker symbol in CAPITAL letters in the textbox and press "Enter"
ROE should be 20 or higher
Price/Earnings should be 20 or lower
Debt/Equity should be 1 or lower
Gross Margin should be 25% or higher
Dividends should be between 2-5%

Research the Minnesota 100

Not financial advice. For education and research purposes only. Do your own research. Data Source - Google Finance and Morningstar
Stocks in this Minnesota 100 dataset
ANI Pharmaceuticals Inc ANIP
Apogee Enterprises Inc APOG
Appliance Recycling Centers Of America Inc ARCI
Arctic Cat Inc ACAT
Best Buy Co Inc BBY
BioAmber Inc BIOA
Bio-Techne Corp TECH
Buffalo Wild Wings Inc BWLD
C.H. Robinson Worldwide Inc CHRW
Canterbury Park Holding Corp CPHC
Capella Education Co CPLA
Cardiovascular Systems Inc CSII
Christopher & Banks Corp CBK
Clearfield Inc CLFD
Communications Systems Inc JCS
CyberOptics Corp CYBE
Datalink Corp DTLK
Deluxe Corp DLX
Digi International Inc DGII
Donaldson Co Inc DCI
Ecolab Inc ECL
Electromed Inc ELMD
Electro-Sensors Inc ELSE
Entellus Medical Inc ENTL
EnteroMedics Inc ETRM
Famous Dave's of America Inc DAVE
Fastenal Co FAST
G & K Services Inc Class A GK
General Mills Inc GIS
Graco Inc GGG
H.B. Fuller Co FUL
Hawkins Inc HWKN
Hormel Foods Corp HRL
Hutchinson Technology Inc HTCH
Ikonics Corp IKNX
Image Sensing Systems Inc ISNS
Imation Corp IMN
Insignia Systems Inc ISIG
IntriCon Corp IIN
Medtronic PLC MDT
MTS Systems Corp MTSC
Nortech Systems Inc NSYS
Northern Oil & Gas Inc NOG
Otter Tail Corp OTTR
Patterson Companies Inc PDCO
Pentair PLC PNR
Polaris Industries Inc PII
Proto Labs Inc PRLB
Qumu Corp QUMU
Regis Corp RGS
Select Comfort Corp SCSS
SPS Commerce Inc SPSC
Stratasys Ltd SSYS
Sunshine Heart Inc SSH
Surmodics Inc SRDX
Target Corp TGT
Tennant Co TNC
The Mosaic Co MOS
The Valspar Corp VAL
Tile Shop Holdings Inc TTS
Toro Co TTC
UnitedHealth Group Inc UNH
Uroplasty Inc UPI
Vascular Solutions Inc VASC
Winmark Corp WINA
Xcel Energy Inc XEL


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